Influential Teacher Profile: Cecily Milne

Cecily Milne is a yoga teacher based in Toronto, ON.  She has attracted an online following by posting content related to her unique style of teaching.  Before she was the fountain of knowledge she is today,  Cecily practiced Ashtanga Yoga.  After many years of this style of yoga, she started to get injuries and experience pain as a result of her practice. So, she changed the way she looked at yoga. Her teaching is now influenced by modern scientific research. This research comes from the fields of biomechanics, anatomy, neuroscience and more. Other movement practices such as gymnastics and strength training also inform her current teaching style.

Cecily’s teaching is appealing because you know she would never instruct you to do something that your body is not ready for. Or, something that is bad for your body! She believes in safely preparing joints before moving into typical yoga postures.  Essentially, she applies knowledge from modern research to the practice of yoga.  This way, your yoga practice is as beneficial for your body as possible.  Who doesn’t want that?!

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