5 Websites For Finding a Yoga Class

So, you want to take a yoga class. Or, maybe, you want to try a new class. Maybe you are traveling and want to try a class on your holiday. Where do you begin? A Google search is a good start, but sometimes this will not provide you with all of the possibilities.  These 5 websites for finding a yoga class will help you broaden your search and hopefully, give you information about more of the classes available to you, wherever you are!

  1. www.yogatrail.com. This site lists classes and teachers near you, as well as some events or retreats that may be happening. You can be fairly sure that the list of classes is not out of date because if a teacher does not update his or her schedule, the website removes it. Listings are worldwide, so it is a great resource while traveling.  The site includes pricing and class descriptions too.
  2. www.yoganearby.com.  Yoganearby is similar to YogaTrail. It provides worldwide listings for teachers, classes and events in your area. You can also find out if a teacher is available for private lessons.
  3. www.yogaalliance.co.uk. The Yoga Alliance UK branch is a very extensive listing of registered yoga teachers in the UK and Ireland.  Teachers must complete yoga training that is approved by the Yoga Alliance to have a listing on the site. This is reassuring if you are looking for a teacher with proper qualifications. The site regularly updates its listings of retreats and special events happening in Ireland and the UK.
  4. www.yogaalliance.org.  The website for the original Yoga Alliance, based out of the United States, is a useful resource for finding a teacher or class when traveling to North America. While most of the teachers listed are based in the United States, the site also provides worldwide listings. These worldwide listings may not be as extensive, but it is always worth a look.
  5. www.tripadvisor.com or www.yelp.com. These two sites will not provide teacher listings, per se, but you may get some insight into what other people have thought about local teachers or studios.