5 Morsels of Yoga Class Etiquette

I am sure that most of these tips are going to seem obvious, but it never hurts to get a reminder. Some of them might even strike a chord…you never know! And don’t worry, there is nothing about not farting. Some things just can’t be helped!

1. Say “hello” to your teacher when you arrive at your class. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised! Sometimes students are so eager to get to class and get started that they just head straight to the mat without acknowledging anyone around them. If this is you, slow down. You don’t have to have a full conversation, but a simple “hi” with eye contact is always a nice way to start.

2.Turn your phone off or to silent. Completely silent! Not to vibrate, not to a quieter ringtone!! I don’t like to bring attention to phones ringing during class, but you can definitely sense the whole room tense up when a phone very audibly vibrates 5-6 times in a row or heaven forbid, a ringer actually goes off!

3. Avoid putting on perfume or cologne just before a class. Of course if you’ve put it on earlier in the day, you can’t take it off for class, but there is no need for a touch-up before class. Strong smells can be very distracting for the people sitting near you and possibly even the whole room!

4. Try to keep the grunting and/or complaining to a minimum.   If a pose is so difficult that you need to grunt or feel the need to vocalize your distaste for it, maybe you could ask for a modification. Yoga need not be so grueling! In fact, the aim is to practice all poses with grace and steadiness of breath. So, if you find yourself grunting or giving out, maybe it’s time to back off of the pose.

5. By all means, talk to your friends before and after class, but please be ready to start when it is time for class to begin and do not continue that conversation throughout the hour! It is very distracting for others trying to focus on their practice and what the teacher is saying.